Vehicle fuel economy labels

Cars vary a lot in how much fuel they use, even between similar models. The difference can be hundreds of dollars in fuel a year, adding up to thousands of dollars over a car's lifetime. That's why selecting which car to purchase is the most important fuel efficiency decision you'll make.

Vehicle fuel economy labels give you the power to factor efficiency and running costs into the equation when you choose a car. You'll see the label on cars for sale from registered motor dealers, and online you may see the information displayed as text.

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DISCLAIMER: The Vehicle fuel economy labels tool is designed to provide consumers with information found on Vehicle fuel economy labels.
The Vehicle fuel economy labels tool assumes prices of $/litre for petrol, $/litre for diesel, and $c/kWh for electricity, and a fixed cost per km price for road user charges.
While the tool can be used to provide a useful estimate, results may vary depending on factors such as vehicle condition, vehicle modifications, driving style, traffic conditions, distance travelled and fuel price variations.
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